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How to Create and Manage Custom Fields?
How to Create and Manage Custom Fields?

Learn how to streamline your contract management by using custom fields

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Custom Fields allow you to enhance workers' contract info by including specific details like cost centers or team information. Additionally, you can collect data from workers when they submit their work or timesheets for approval. This information can then be easily exported with your reports for a seamless data management experience.

How to Create a Custom Field?

To add a custom field, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to Company Settings.

  2. Locate and select the Custom Fields tab.

  3. Click on Add new, provide the details for the new field, and Select where you want the custom field to apply: either to Contract Details or to the Timesheet/Work Submission form.

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to create a custom field 👇

Application Areas

Contract Details Area:

  • The custom field is visible to the company but hidden from the worker.

  • It's incorporated into the Contract Creation flow, and you can modify its value at any time via the contract settings tab.

Timesheet/Work Submission:

  • The field is accessible to both the company and the worker.

  • For Pay As You Go or Milestone contracts, workers will be prompted to provide information in this field upon submitting their work.


  • You have the option to include custom fields in your reports. When exporting to Excel or PDF, simply select the fields you'd like to add, allowing for a more tailored and comprehensive reporting process.

💬 FAQs

What types of custom fields can I create?

You have the choice among three types of custom fields: Text, Selection, and Date.

Is it possible to include custom field inputs in my reports?

Yes, during the report export process, you will have the option to select which custom fields to incorporate into your report.

How can I deactivate a custom field?

To disable a custom field, simply go to the edit option and turn off the Visibility toggle.

Can I set a custom field as mandatory?

Absolutely, when setting up a new field, you have the option to make it required. This setting can be adjusted at any point.

What impact do custom fields have on existing contracts?

Adding a custom field to the Contract Details Area automatically applies it to all existing contracts. You can then specify the field's value on the contract's settings page. For Timesheet/Work Submission, the newly added field will only apply to future work submissions.

Is it possible to modify the value of custom fields?

  • For Contract Details: Yes, changes can be made anytime via the contract's settings page.

  • For Timesheet/Work Submission: Yes, but only if the submission has not yet been approved.

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