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Payments & invoices
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How to setup Payroll Approval?Learn how to add an extra layer of review for your payroll process
How to process payments for full-time employees on RemotePassLearn how you can process payments for full-time employees on RemotePass.
How to manage withholding tax for your remote team?Learn how to manage and automate withholding tax deductions when paying your global team.
Unsupported countriesList of unsupported countries
How manage multiple entities under same account?Learn how to add and manage multiple entities under the same account
How to apply VAT to a contract?Learn how to manage VAT for all payments of a contract
How to take in-charge the transfer fee?Learn how to incorporate the fee to ensure your contractor receives the exact compensation every cycle
How to adjust a payment?Learn how to adjust a payment in a few clicks
How do I pay a contractor?
How does Mass Payment work?Learn how to process your payroll on RemotePass
What payment methods are available via RemotePass?Learn about the fees and timelines for the different payment methods
In what currency can I pay my remote team?Learn more about the different contract currencies available on RemotePass
What kinds of payment cycles are there?
Does RemotePass provide invoices for the contracts?
How long does it take to create an invoice?
How to make a payment with Wise?How to fund your payroll using your Wise account?
How to generate reports?Learn how to view analytics and generate custom reports
Default Approvals & Approval Flows?Understand the difference between the default approval and approval flows