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Default Approvals & Approval Flows?
Default Approvals & Approval Flows?

Understand the difference between the default approval and approval flows

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How does Default Approval work?

When you create a new contract, the default approval setting is applied where any of the assigned approvers can approve or decline items related to a specific contract. These items include expenses, work submissions, invoices, and time off requests.

You can change approvers at any time under the Contract Settings tab. If you need more advanced workflows with multiple approvers in a sequence, check out Approval Flow.

How to set up Approval Flows?

The Approval Flows feature is convenient for large teams seeking to streamline their processes. It allows for creating workflows with up to 5 sequential approvers for approving payment-related items, such as Expenses, Invoices, Work Submissions/Timesheets, and Payments.

Here's a step-by-step guide to creating an approval flow:

How to create an Approval Flow?

  1. Navigate to Company Settings and choose the Approval tab.

  2. Click on Add Flow and assign a name to the new flow. (i.e. Sales Team Flow)

  3. Select the users who will be approvers, arranging them in the desired order. It's possible to include up to 5 approvers.

  4. Click on Save

Once you've configured your custom approval flows, you can assign them to contracts.

💡 Can override approvals in this flow option allows the final approver to override the sequence and approve/decline items.

How to assign an Approval Flow to a contract?

  1. Open a contract and access the Settings Tab.

  2. Click on Manage under the Payment Approval section and pick the desired approval flow for this contract.

  3. Save your selection.

That's it!

Here is how it works 👇

All Expenses, Work Submissions/Timesheets, Invoices, and Payment items for this contract will follow the assigned approval flow.

Each approver will be notified to review in sequence unless one of them declines the item. The submitter, whether a contractor or employee, will have visibility into the approval sequence and can view the status at each step.


  • Any approver within the flow or the contract creator can decline an item at any stage.

  • Admin users can override any approval flows to either approve or decline an item.

💬 FAQs:

What happens if one of the approvers is no longer active?

If an Approver's account is deactivated, they will be automatically removed from the approval sequence.

What happens if a flow is updated?

You can update your custom approval flow at any time; however, any change will reset the approval for all items that have yet to be fully approved or declined.

What happens if a flow is deleted?

If a flow is deleted, the default flow will automatically be assigned to the relevant contracts.

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