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How to Amend a Job title or Salary for an EOR Contract?
How to Amend a Job title or Salary for an EOR Contract?

Learn how to amend an active EOR contract in a few clicks

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  1. Open your contract and click on the Amend button situated below the contract timeline on the right.

  2. Click the blue Edit link for the section you wish to modify (Salary or Job Title).

  3. Make the necessary adjustments, then click Save followed by Apply Changes.

Upon applying the changes, the RemotePass team will be alerted and to review and approve your amendment.

When Approved, you will be notified to review and sign the Statement of Work containing with you amendments.

⚠️ The effective date is set only after the client signs the new Statement of Work (SOW).

For instance, should you submit the amendment request on the 5th of the month, prior to the cutoff date, and subsequently sign SOW on the 24th (past cutoff date), the effective date will be set as the 1st of the following month.

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