How to setup Payroll Approval?

Learn how to add an extra layer of review for your payroll process

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Payment Approval is a useful feature that provides an additional layer of control to the Default approval process by allowing you to review and approve payments before they can be processed.

To enable the Payment Approval feature, follow these steps:

  1. Go to Company Settings.

  2. Click on the Approvals tab.

  3. Switch On the Require approval for all payments toggle.

Once enabled, all payments will have to be approved by the designated approvers of each contract or by the admin before they can be paid.

To approve payments in bulk:

  1. Go to the Activity page.

  2. Click on the Review button, under the Pending review bloc.

  3. Select the payments you wish to approve and click on the Approve button.

To approve payments individually:

  1. Open the Contract Details page and select the Payments tab

  2. Approve or Decline payments individually.

💡 The decline action is not reversible.


  • Admin role can view/approve/decline payments for all contracts.

  • Accountant & HR roles can view payments for all contracts and can only approve/decline payments for contracts they are assigned to as approvers.

  • Manager role can only view/approve/decline payment for contracts they are assigned to as approvers.

To view who approved/declined a payment and timestamp. Open contract details, select the Payments tab, and click on the 3-dot icon next to each payment.

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