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How to onboard full-time (EOR) employees?
How to onboard full-time (EOR) employees?

Learn how you can quickly onboard full-time employees on RemotePass.

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We have simplified the onboarding process for full-time employees to make it a click-through experience on RemotePass.

Steps to onboard a new employee

Step 1. Submit a full-time employment request

The first step is to submit employment details on RemotePass. Simply follow the below steps to submit your request:

  • Create a new contract and select the full-time contract type.

  • Enter the country of employment and the gross yearly salary. You'll get instant access to a high-level simulation giving you insight into the employment cost.

  • Fill in the employee and compensation details then submit your request.

Step 2. Approve the quotation & Sign the Statement of Work (SOW)

Within 24 hours, you'll receive an email notification to review the detailed quotation and the statement of work on RemotePass. If everything looks good, Proceed with the signature of the Statement of Work (SOW) on RemotePass. Below is a step-by-step guide to help you out:

Step 3. Process the deposit payment

After signing the SOW, you will be prompted to process the payment of the refundable deposit using your preferred payment method.

Or, go to the payments tab >> click on pay and follow the guided steps to complete your transaction.

Step 4. Onboard the employee

Once the transaction is confirmed, RemotePass will invite the employee to Review and Sign their employment contract and access the platform.

All done!

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