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What are additional checks?
What are additional checks?
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Although we make every effort to process transfers quickly, sometimes, transfers may be subjected to additional checks by intermediate or receiving banks before the funds are credited to your account. This does not necessarily indicate a problem with the transaction.

Banks are governed by global and local regulations and have their own internal compliance protocols aimed at ensuring maximum adherence to compliance standards and safeguarding against fraudulent activities and illegal practices. Unfortunately, RemotePass has no visibility or control over such cases' processing times and specifics.

What do extra additional checks mean?

Additional checks may be triggered by inconsistencies in transfer details such as name, address, etc., unusual activity, or merely as a part of routine checks.

Each bank has unique internal compliance protocols/processes and reserves the right to maintain confidentiality. Neither RemotePass nor its banking partners have access to these details.

In certain situations, the bank might require additional information, which RemotePass can provide.

What steps should I take if my transfer is selected for additional checks?

After the bank completes the additional checks, they decide to deposit the funds into your bank account or reject the transfer.

If the transfer is rejected, the amount will be returned to your RemotePass balance, and you can then opt for a different withdrawal method or account.

How long does it take for the additional checks to be completed?

The duration for these checks can range from 2 to 14 business days, although it may take longer in some cases.

The details of these additional checks are often confidential, and hence, Neither RemotePass nor its banking partners cannot provide the specifics or a time frame.

Is it possible for RemotePass to expedite the processing time?

RemotePass does not have the authority or insight into the internal protocols of intermediary and receiving banks. However, if additional information is required, RemotePass will immediately respond and cooperate accordingly.

Is it possible to recall or cancel a transfer under additional checks?

Until a final decision is reached by the bank, the transfer cannot be canceled or recalled.

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