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Why was a transaction declined?
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  • Possible reasons that a transaction can be declined include`:

    • Insufficient balance: Your Card balance is too low — you can check your balance under the Cards page.

    • Card is frozen or terminated: To check the status of your Card, visit the Cards page.

    • Merchant category is restricted: The merchant you are buying from might be restricted. Please refer to this link to view the list of restricted merchant categories.

    • Incorrect Card details: The card details entered might be incorrect. You can check your card details under the Cards page.

    • Security reasons: If suspicious activity is detected, the card processor reserves the right to reject transactions.

    • Mastercard not accepted: The Merchant does not accept Mastercard

    • Debit card not accepted: The Merchant does not accept debit cards

    • Incorrect/expired OTP: Your OTP has expired or was entered incorrectly.

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