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What is the verification process and how long does it take?
What is the verification process and how long does it take?
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The standard verification process consists of:

  1. Completing the KYC verification

  2. Providing a Proof of Address:

    1. Bank statement and credit card bills can be accepted

    2. Proof of address document must

      • Be dated within 3 months

      • Be in full width

      • Contain the issuer’s company logo/name

      • Contain the full name and address of the user

    3. Sensitive information such as account balances may be redacted

Level 1 KYC

Once you have submitted your request, you will receive immediate access to the Card with limitations, you will have a $1,000 top up limit and spend. .

Level 2 KYC

Once the team has reviewed the information provided (usually within 48 hours) and if you are eligible you will be verified. Your limit will be lifted and you will receive an email notification.

In certain cases, an enhanced verification is required, where extra information and documentation is requested. If this is the case, you will be notified.

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