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How to complete manual KYC verification on RemotePass?
How to complete manual KYC verification on RemotePass?

Learn how to complete manual identity verification process

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Before you can sign the contract, you will need to complete a short identity verification process. In case you're unable to complete your verification using our 3rd party solution, called Veriff, you can proceed with a manual KYC verification directly on RemotePass.

  1. Open the Profile Settings

  2. Go to the Verification tab

  3. Click on Verify Manually

  4. Fill out your full name, upload photos of your ID along with a selfie

  5. Submit

It may take up to 2 hours for our compliance team to verify your identification. You will be notified by email once verified and will be able to sign your contract!

Below is a guided video to help you out 👇

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