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Email template for introducing RemotePass to a *New team members*
Email template for introducing RemotePass to a *New team members*

Recommended to inform your new team member prior to sending an invite to Review & Sign a contract

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Email subject: Welcome to [ORGANIZATION NAME]: Introducing RemotePass for International Payroll

Hello [Contractor_name],

Welcome to [ORGANIZATION NAME]. We're so excited to have you on the team.

To help you get started as quickly as possible, we wanted to introduce our payroll & on-boarding platform, RemotePass.

With our growing international team, RemotePass allows us to centralize our cross-border payroll and compliance requirements. All on-boarding requirements, contracts, invoices, and payment processes are in one platform, making it more efficient for both [ORGANIZATION NAME] and our team members.

Team Benefits of RemotePass:

  • It's 100% free

  • You can choose to get in +126 currencies to your bank account, Paypal, Payoneer or Crypto.

  • Easily submit your expenses & time off request for approval

  • Invoices are created on your behalf automatically after each payment

  • Easy access to your payment history, documents, and invoices

  • Access discounted health insurance plans with monthly payments for you and your dependents (optional)

  • All-access customer support: If you need help at any point, you can contact the RemotePass team via email or chat directly on the platform

What’s Next?

You'll receive an email invitation from RemotePass shortly. Please follow the email instructions to get on-boarded with us.

Once your profile is set up, you'll be notified every time you receive a payment, and in two clicks you'll be able to withdraw your funds instantly, in whichever currency you choose.


If you have any questions about RemotePass, please contact their support team via chat, email, or their help center.

Thanks, and again, welcome to [ORGANIZATION NAME].

[Your name]

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